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Larry's Pretty Good Word of the Day

echoes of an office whiteboard

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This journal echoes the Word of the Day I post on my office whiteboard. The ideal pretty good word is one you know you've seen but aren't sure quite what it means. However, I am an intermittent poet and thus word-drunk, and like a lexical magpie betimes cannot resist the delightful sesquipedalian and absurd abstrusity. Suggestions in any category welcome in the comments.

I use the Merriam-Webster, Wordsmith, Wordnik, Wiktionary, WordSpy's, Dr Goodword's, Dictionary.com, and OneLook Words of the Day on a regular basis. Others sites I visit less frequently (because of interest or ghosting) are the Vocab Vitamin, Double-Tongued, and TravLang WOTDs. Further tidbits are gathered from these weird, wordcrafty, nifty, rare, difficult, logorrheatic, and grandiloquent words.

The major dictionary sites are, of course, dictionary.com and OneLook — many of the others are either subsumed unto these or behind paywalls. This Online Etymological Dictionary is also useful.

My favorite words are quaquaversal and petrichor. I'm co-moderator of and the regular Thursday poster at 1word1day, and my main journal is lnhammer.

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