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Jul. 10th, 2017 | 07:46 am

xebec or zebec (ZI-bek) - n., a three-masted Mediterranean sailing ship with overhanging bow and stern and usually both square and lateen sails.

Originally often used by corsairs, then adapted more to cargo. Here's examples of full lateen-rigged and mixed square-lateen rigged xebecs:

Lateen-rigged xebec
(thanks Wikimedia Commons)

Note that I had any leftover x-words or anything. Borrowed in 1757 as chebec from French chébec, from either Spanish xabeque (modern jabeque) or Catalan xabec (which latter influenced the English spelling), ultimately from Arabic šabbāk, small warship/fishing boat, from šabaka, to entwine.


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