May 4th, 2021

words are sexy


infix (n. IN-fiks, v. in-FIKS) - n., an affix inserted within a word. v., to add as an infix; to fasten by driving in, to implant, to instill.

This is a repeat, but I like it enough to run it again. Contrast with a prefix, an affix added to the front, and suffix, added to the end, of a word. This is not done much in standard English, but there are slang uses such as shiznit for shit or edumacation for education (both of which I think are perfectly cromulent, but I'm not a linguist). The insertion of a whole unfuckingbelievable word is technically a form of tmesis. From Latin, which does have plenty of infixes, and not coined in English by grammarians as I expected.

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